Audio plugins online store from Bluetechaudio? If you want instant results, then go for the dramatic effects in your DAW – these are the bitcrushers, the modulators, the amp simulators and the filters. Or simply reverse the sample and add some noise. These are the kinds of effects where a simple tweak of a single dial will give you plenty of drama. They are the crowdpleasers and sometimes the obvious choices, but that’s what they’re there for, so make the most of the tools at your disposal. And then it’s time to go off on a tangent…

Our ears have adapted to take basic physics of our gaseous Earth atmosphere into account: beyond very short distances the further any sound travels, the more high-frequency energy (and extreme low-end to a slightly lesser extent) will dissipate as it travels through the atmosphere. To push a sound further back in the mix, try rolling off varying amounts of higher frequencies and hear it recede behind the other elements. This is particularly useful for highlighting a lead vocal in front of a host of backing vocals (cut the BVs above around 10kHz, possibly boost the lead vocal in the same range). It’s also a solid choice for EQing drum submixes to ensure the drums are punchy overall but not too in-your-face. A touch of reverb is also an option here, naturally.

Haas was studying how ears interpreted the relationship between originating sounds and their ‘early reflections’ within a space. His conclusion was that – as long as early reflections and identical copies of original sounds are heard less than 35ms after (and at a level no greater than 10dB louder than the original) – the two sounds will be interpreted as a single one. The directivity of the original sound would be essentially preserved, but because of the subtle phase difference, the early reflections/delayed copy would add extra spatial presence to the perceived sound. Find more details at audio plugins.

Sound designing can be time consuming especially when you do not have a goal in mind. The first productivity tip is setting a fixed time for your sound design and keep it separate from your producing as much as possible. Then, make sure your sound libraries are organized so you can easily dive into your favorite synths and personal sounds. Tweak, change and alter to your liking. Don’t forget to save and give it a cool name. Then, repeat the process until the end of your session. The best sessions are uninterrupted. Meaning you will need to plan. No Wi-Fi and turn off your phone. Update all your plug-ins. And don’t forget your brain food that will help boost your mind in creating dope sounds. Additionally, when you are having a production session be steadfast with your convictions meaning to quickly commit to your sound choices to avoid turning your production sessions into sound design sessions.

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