Let’s start with the best places where a wildlife photographer can get the maximum inspiration. The Amazon Basin, Brazil: There is no doubt in that the wildlife photography lovers have been long planning to explore the amazons and its vivid wildlife. This region has been known to as the Amazonian or the Amazon Jungle. This jungle is home to 427 mammals which include jaguar, sloth, and river dolphin, 1300 birds which include macaw and 378 reptiles including anaconda and Jesus lizard. Here you can find some of the rarest of species which make its all suitable for that perfect clicks. Another interesting wildlife found here are the turtles where they will seek refuge on a further inland etc. So, don’t miss your chance to visit this amazing amazon.

Uganda: Did you know mountain gorillas sleep in nests? If you don’t believe us, then join a wildlife photography holiday to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and see for yourself. Porters carry your kit, but you need to be in decent physical shape as some trekking is necessary – man’s closest cousin changes his sleeping location every night. A steady hand is useful – it’s not unknown for gorillas to take an interest in their visitors and come up for a closer look.

The painting is entitled “DON’T WALK, WALK!”. Completed in May of 2012, using acrylic paints, it depicts an inquisitive Grevy’s Zebra from a herd at Chester Zoo. The image is based upon my own digital photograph. It is professionally framed to exhibition standards with a solid natural beech frame. The entire piece measures 2′ (63cm) wide by 3′ (92cm) high. Due to it’s size and that its framed with glass, this painting is only available for collection. Find more information on Wildlife Artist.

Environmentally friendly products! Prior to the production of my first item this year, my conservation charity notebooks (pictured above), I did a vast amount of research to find suppliers that are themselves eco-conscious, and that allow me to fully commit to the change into environmentally friendly products in order to leave a smaller footprint on the planet. I myself will also be sending out products launched from 2020 onwards only in recyclable packaging that is 100% free from plastic, using plastic free tape that is biodegradable, recyclable, and compostable!

My fascination for the natural world started at a very early age, and my love of animals has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. During my senior years at Birkenhead High School for Girls (2006- 2013), I developed a deep passion for drawing and painting, and art became the central focus of my studies. I was truly inspired by wildlife artists such as David Shepherd and Jason Morgan, and wildlife art became the main theme of all my work. See even more details at https://www.vlgstudios.com/.